What is IBRN

IBRN stands for Integrated Beef Research Network (IBRN) which is an additional wing of Integrated Dairy Research Network (IDRN). Since the beef sector is transforming from family to more business and beef processing and its marketing is gaining its importance, it becomes necessary to ensure sufficient data for operating this business in a profitable and sustainable way

Considering this, Bengalmeat and IDRN launched a project entitled "Development of beef farming economics and beef marketing forecasting model- A step toward establishing the Integrated Beef Research Network (IBRN)"

We have completed our project with the financial support from Bengalmeat and soon the full description of the IBRN will be updated

Please keep your eyes... on www.idrn-dairy.org (IBRN)

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mohi Uddin

Principal Investigator of the IBRN project

Department of Animal Nutrition

Bangladesh Agricultural University