Who Are We

Integrated Dairy Research Network (IDRN) is a knowledge creation and dissemination center which is operated by a research group of Dairy Nutrition, Economics, Marketing and Environment and having an ample opportunity to work together from all discipline for sustainable dairy development in Bangladesh.

The aim of this network is to connect the Bangladesh dairy knowledge to the global dairy knowledge systems and sharing the dairy knowledge in a comparable and sustainable way. The IDRN is operated by the IDRN center. The team approach is the key for the successful operation of this network.

This network utilizes the model and methods developed by International Farm Comparison Network (IFCN) which is, however, calibrated and revised to adapt to the local dairy context. An interdisciplinary research approach is applied to bring required output. Dairy, animal science, nutrition, economics of breeding, economics, marketing, health services and agronomic science are highly interlinked and each of them are possible to integrate to this network. 


 Better understanding of dairy Bangladesh in comparable and sustainable way


Fostering the creation and disseminating of the comparative knowledge on dairy farm management and dairy sector development in Bangladesh


To provide a mechanism for bringing all stakeholders of the dairy chain in the same knowledge platform through cooperation among each other and linking them to the world dairy market