World Milk Day 2020: Message from IDRN

Milk has been known as "Mother Nature's most perfect food" for hundreds of decades. This attribution is due to its ability to sustain human life by drinking milk alone. Consumption of a single glass of milk every day is enough for promoting cardiovascular health, reducing symptoms of the metabolic syndrome in obese individuals and promotes weight loss while maintaining body muscle mass and reduces incidence of some carcinogenic diseases. The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has declared June 1 as the “World Milk Day” in the year of 2001 aiming to recognize the importance of milk as a global food, as well as to celebrate the dairy sector. The study published in “Frontier in Immunology (Volume 9, article 143) in 2018 revealed that Cow’s milk has immunoglobulin (IgG) which is helpful against the bacteria, virus and allergens (upper respiratory tract). The IgG is enhanced with vitamin A and D3-both are present in milk.

As we are passing the world pandemic Covid-19 crisis, consumption of one glass of milk will boost the immunity which might help to fight against the Coronavirus. At the eve of the World Milk Day 2020, the Integrated Dairy Research Network of the Department of Animal Nutrition, Bangladesh Agricultural University, wishes that all of us at least drink one glass of milk a day. However, the consumer milk price in Bangladesh is relatively higher, therefore, all of the milk suppliers might take initiatives to make easy access to milk by all people at affordable price. Normally, we publish Bangladesh Dairy Market Update in each month, however, this month we are going to publish with special analysis focusing on the Covid-19.


Dr. Mohamamd Mohi Uddin

Network Coordinator

Integrated Dairy Research Network, IDRN (BAU)


Associate Professor and Head

Department of Animal Nutrition

Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh