IDRN Monthly Update

I am pleased to share the results of Integrated Dairy Research Network, IDRN Dairy Market Update, October 2021. I hope this will be helpful for your daily dairy business.

Thank you!

Dr. Mohammad Mohi Uddin

Network Coordinator, Integrated Dairy Research Network (IDRN) and

Associate Professor and Head

Department of Animal Nutrtion, Bangaldesh Agricultural University.

To get the IDRN special paper on COVID-19 click here below:

Dear Respected all Dairy Stakeholders,

At the time of the world deepest crisis arises from the Corona infection, dairy farm and dairy farming activity has fallen under tremendous crisis. The dairy farmers have been facing triple challenges: saving own life, saving cows and ensuring to sell milk to lead daily family life.

Keeping this purview and as there is neither preventive nor treatment from this virus infection, we need to follow all kind of rules and regulation that have been suggested by the WHO and our government.

From the Integrated Dairy Research Network (IDRN), we recommend for drinking milk as the research review clearly identified that drinking milk increase the immune system against virus, bacteria and allergens (Perdijk et al., 2018, published in Frontier In Immunology, volume 143). Drinking milk in this crisis time would be consider as help for the dairy farmers who are in deep crisis for selling milk.

Special note: As a part of our regular update of dairy market, January and February 2020, has been updated. However, due to the Coronavirus infection, we have published a special paper on March 2020.

Dr. Mohammad Mohi UddinNetwork CoordinatorIntegrated Dairy Research Network (IDRN)AndAssociate Professor and HeadDepartment of Animal NutritionBangladesh Agricultural University