Integrated Dairy Research Network (IDRN)


I am pleased to share that IDRN has been now become the part of the Department of Animal Nutrition, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh (Decision: BAURES/597/2022, April 2022.  This network have collaboration with Faculty of Agriculture and University of Göttingen, Germany (Approval Date: 27th of June 2022).

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mohi Uddin is working as Network Coordinator who has strong knowledge and experiences on networking. The network has three team: Network coordination team, Database team and Panel of Expert. 

Currently the Network is under restructuring for the team, result publication and database. The network is expecting to link with BAU website. IDRN is now new phase where we are working more intensively with dairy stakeholders. 

Our latest research and knowledge partner is BRAC Dairy &Food Project who provide monthly data to IDRN Bangladesh Dairy Market Analysis. A total of 8 researcher from BRAC is involved in our monthly analysis. 

At the same pace, we have been working quite long with PRAN Dairy Ltd. who is also contributing to the monthly analysis and a total of 5 researcher is involved in the analysis. In addition, together with Solidaridad Asia Network (SNA), we are on board to develop Climate Smart Model for Greening Dairy Sector. Greening Dairy Sector is the key agenda for Bangladesh as Bangladesh has signed the Glasgow Declaration in 2021 to reduce the Greenhouse gas emission by 22% in 2030.

The IDRN stands for Integrated Dairy Research Network. This was established on 1st of July, 2018.

The aim of this network is to connect the Bangladesh dairy knowledge to the global dairy knowledge systems and sharing the dairy knowledge in a comparable and sustainable way. The IDRN is operated by the IDRN center. The team approach is the key for the successful operation of this network.

It’s not what we know! 

But how we increase knowledge, 

which platform can provide 

Dairy knowledge

 for sustainable dairy production.

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